What is UXO?

30May 2019

What should a UXO Team do?

This team will be adding value to your company and products through your customers’ online satisfaction, but how?

Study your user’s behavior when using your site.
Perform A/B testing to understand what your users like or dislike.
Shorten your user’s required steps to accomplish their goals in your site.
Analyze usage trends and statistics to suggest changes or improvements to the site (or even for your products!).
Design amazing user interfaces so your clients LOVE to browse your site .
Find better ways to interact with your clients on key moments of that interaction.
Provide effective means for your clients to get in touch with your customer support team.

The bottom line of this is: If you keep your users happy while using your site, they will spend more time, they will use your product/service, and so your business will benefit from them proportionally. And guess what? Eventually Search Engines will notice that, and will understand that your site is highly relevant for your business type and will rank you much better than your competitors.

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