SEO Part 3: Social Signals

6June 2019

Social signals are similar to off page SEO except for it is focused specifically on social networks. Essentially, Google feels that if people are talking about, linking to or writing positive reviews about a website there is a high probability that it is a better site than a similar page that is not being talked about or referenced on social media. These social signals are something that you will want to pay attention to if you are serious about Maui SEO. In order to optimize for social signals, you should make sure your business is doing everything it can to engage with customers using social media. Even something simple, like sending out an email to ask your existing customers to review your products can have substantial effects on SEO because of the positive social signals that can be generated from such activities. There has been some controversy regarding the effect of Social Signals but there have been some great studies on the effects of social signals on rankings of web pages. Cognitive SEO did a great study on the effects of Social Signals if you want more information. You can also check out this article we wrote about 5 Social Media Management Strategies That Work.

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