SEO Part 2: Off-Page SEO

2June 2019

Google wants to see that you are telling it has the information the best information pertaining to the target keyword on your site. However, Google also wants to see that other places on the internet are also telling Google that your site is the most relevant. The way that they are able to do this using AI is by studying the links from other sites that are pointing to your site. Do other sites link to your site use anchor text on the links that contain the target keyword phrase? For instance, if you are targeting the keyword “Maui SEO” and there are links all over the internet that are pointing to your page using the link text “Maui SEO” this will help Google to identify your site as the most relevant page that is related to the search term. If the rest of the internet is saying that this is the resource, it probably is. This principle is why getting good backlinks to your site is so important to the overall search engine optimization of the site. Here’s a great article by about Off-Site SEO.

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