How Long Does it Take to Get Ranked in the Google 3-Pak?

28May 2019

First, let us tell you we don’t have an “insider” inside of Google that makes this happen for us. (smile) However, to build the proper authority and trust with Google can take 3-6 months … sometimes longer. This is all based on many factors that Google takes into consideration. If your website is poor, or not responsive, it may never rank. If you have incorrect business information all around the Internet, this causes confusion in all the search engeins, and you may never rank. Everythgin must be in order, and you must “earn” your right to appear in the 3-Pak. Our propriatary system is built to provide the best opportunity possible for this to happen. We have a very high level of success in ranking both in the 3-Pak and organically in both Google and Bing search engines. It’s best to set your customer’s expectations at around 6 months, and if the rankings hit early, you are a hero.

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